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Step 1

Call (925)-388-6423 to arrange pickup of your documents or ship your documents with payment.

Examples of documents that may require an apostille for use in a foreign country include:

  1. Birth certificates

  2. Marriage certificates

  3. Divorce decrees

  4. Adoption papers

  5. Educational diplomas and transcripts

  6. Powers of attorney

  7. Notarized documents, such as affidavits and declarations

  8. Corporate documents, such as articles of incorporation and bylaws

  9. Court documents, such as judgments and orders

  10. Police clearance certificates and background checks

  11. Patent applications and trademarks

  12. Certificates of good standing for professionals, such as lawyers and doctors

  13. Commercial invoices and bills of lading for international trade

Step 2

We prepare your documents to present to the Secretary of State.

Step 3

Return of documents to you at the specified time according to the level of service for which you selected.

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