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What forms of ID are acceptable?

The acceptable forms of identification that can be presented to a notary depend on the laws and regulations of the specific jurisdiction in which the notarization is taking place. However, some of the commonly accepted forms of ID include:

  1. Government-issued identification such as a passport, driver's license, or state ID card.

  2. Military ID card.

  3. Permanent Resident Card or Green Card.

  4. Tribal ID card.

  5. Consular ID card issued by a foreign government.

  6. National ID card issued by a foreign government.

It's important to note that the identification presented must be current, valid, and unexpired. Some states like California and Florida may allow Notaries to use expired identification documents depending on when the ID was issued. In addition, some jurisdictions may require that the ID includes a photograph, physical description, and signature of the individual presenting it. It's always a good idea to check with the notary beforehand to ensure that you have the proper identification required for the notarization.

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